Turquoise room
double bedroom

Turquoise comes to life between green and Blue.

Several ancient traditions worldwide tell us that this colour stimulates the encounter between the heart (green) and the throat (Blue): our ability to love and our ability to communicate.

Blue is related to the emotional depths, reflection, meditation, introspection. It soothes the nervous system.

In the colour spectrum, green can be found in the middle, between warm and cool colours. It is the colour of Nature, a symbol of regeneration and renewal, but also of stability and balance.

And if you wish to magnify the power of these colours, all you need to do is looking out of the window… and there you find the sea of Genoa!


Single bedroom: 35,00 – 45,00 euros
Double bedroom: 55,00 - 65,00 euros

shared bathrooms

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A journey through the power of colours in our aura, in our energetic engines called Chakras.

Each Chakra represents a different degree of consciousness which can be harmonised and energised through different vibrations.

Covering ourselves in a particular colour to sleep, we can spontaneously stimulate the qualities we need in our everyday life:

1 Chakra: vitality, intensity
2 Chakra: joy, sensuality
3 Chakra: clarity, power
4 Chakra: love, humility
5 Chakra: communication, calmness
6 Chakra: spirituality, wisdom
7 Chakra: unity, connection