Multicolor Bedroom
single bedroom

A sparkling room capable, if chance arises, to create and transform a wealth of sensations within yourselves:

light blue: tranquillity and sociability;

purple: magic, calmness, quiet leading to the silence where insights come from;

red: passion, love and instinct;

yellow: it is the colour most similar to sunlight... LIFE!


Single bedroom: 35,00 – 45,00 euros
Double bedroom: 55,00 - 65,00 euros

shared bathrooms

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Laxmi Guesthouse B&B
Salita San Barnaba 38

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Our rooms

A journey through the power of colours in our aura, in our energetic engines called Chakras.

Each Chakra represents a different degree of consciousness which can be harmonised and energised through different vibrations.

Covering ourselves in a particular colour to sleep, we can spontaneously stimulate the qualities we need in our everyday life:

1 Chakra: vitality, intensity
2 Chakra: joy, sensuality
3 Chakra: clarity, power
4 Chakra: love, humility
5 Chakra: communication, calmness
6 Chakra: spirituality, wisdom
7 Chakra: unity, connection