Heal with Art: movement, voice and rituals

Movement, to search for and express the material-corporeal existence and perceive the subtle and constant communication with the unseen. The voice, to explore the fluidity of the spinal column and float in the Space containing the four elements. Rituals, to create occasions to live the magic of our simplest essence.

In this way, we bring forth the harmonization of our four bodies: physical, intellectual, emotional, and energetic. The goal is to be able to live with freedom and awareness our everyday life with the simple tools our bodies can provide us.

"For years I have wondered, looking for witches and wizards who might have been able to help me or heal me with their magic wand… and still, I was looking for a Guide to improve me.

Unconsciously, I was empowering someone else, neglecting my own strength and will.

I met a guide who told me that 'there is nobody to heal, nobody to save'; my perspective changed.

You may want to try an individual session if you:
- Are aware you wish for an inner change;
- Would like to, but don’t know how;
- Would like to accept your cyclical nature, or either you don’t know what it is;
- Feel like you are losing yourself in generational schemes and habits, preventing you from developing 'another point of view', which may enable you to live with a different perception.”

Nadeshwari Joythimayananda

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Laxmi b&b Genoa


Laxmi b&b Genoa