Classes led by Rajaletchumi Joythimayananda (judge of Masterchef)

If you think Indian cookery can be summarized by rice, curry, and chutney, you will be pleasantly surprised. There is no cooking trend, nor order of service, nor national dish, but a most amazing variety of preparations and ingredients, making Indian cookery a feast in colours, scents, and taste.

The dietary principles described in the Ayurvedic sacred texts regulate the amounts and the combinations of spices, proving that a heavily spiced diet is a key feature of health. Indian cookery is simple, balanced, based on age-old recipes and principles. The traditional medicine steps in in every combination: rich plates will always be tempered by an acid, digestive basis.

Foods are taken with the first three fingers of the right hand, only with the first phalanx. Bread is the only tool used for eating. Generally, the whole meal is served at the same time, in a large, round individual plate, where foods are displayed.


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